As you have gotten the summoning book and that has transformed into your predetermination. Everything will change and the battle you are living will be changed to some more significant reason. You are agonizing over the worry of keeping the genie settled and shield the mankind from an uncommon tumult. Get enough resources for this mission from the Granvilier cheats to no end.

Granvilier was made and conveyed by “commseed Corporation” and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS stages.


Make another record if you don’t have a starting at now made record. Likewise, since we have said the record creation process, by then we have to state that the redirection is an online one and you have to get your web relationship with advantage. Likewise, now we will head specifically into the storyline of the preoccupation at our Granvilier oversee.

This is… much old story. It imagined the universe of demolition and “Genie” defied the hazard “holy person” who. They had been involved with a savage battle. The vitality of Genie is a might, don’t appear is to vanquish the beast paying little respect to holy people to challenge for a fight with all your Shiryoku.

So the holy person has settled without anyone else decision and seal the Genie in the void until the finish of time. Also, if this strategy is being taken after adequately, by then the risk of the genie will be pounded yet no need expected to pull out all the stops as the cost was never going to be close to nothing.

A great fight went between the holy person and the genie and it was a wild battle. In any case, finally, the holy person has won the battle and genie was settled in the void. In addition, now you will secure the gap with the Granvilier hack. Likewise, this battle They have called it the Genie War!

Summon Heroes to Help You Throughout the Game.

Furthermore, that is the colossal riddle you will hear out of nowhere, the legends are available to be summoned whenever into our world. In addition, extremely, various rulers whom taken the charge of the kingdom extremely used the help from the holy people.

Furthermore, you ought to do in like manner and start making sense of how to summon holy people. In any case, the power is tremendous and you have to set your targets straight before doing a ponder, for example, this. It is sheltered to state that you are trying to save the world or beaten it?

Lively Note.



The enemies are endeavoring to resummons the genie and release him from the gorge settling. So you ought to do your best to stop them and get the help you require from holy people out in this trip, you may moreover use Granvilier traps to get everything specifically into its typical territory.

Your First Battle with Details.

The essential conflict of the delight will have proceeded with therefore, and you can see your 6 legends are fighting normally and wiping out their enemies. Take after our Granvilier tips to maintain a strategic distance from the most broadly perceived mistakes that every student tends to tumble to.

Each legend will have his own particular image at the base of the screen, and there will be a pointer to his vitality in stars and the prosperity centers are showed up in a green bar. You need to reliably keep an eye over this bar on account of its hugeness.

Each image by tapping on it will achieve instituting a particular extraordinary ability. The uncommon aptitudes are what making the holy people amazing and not the same as each other’s. It is your fundamental objective to take in these qualifications to know how to utilize them perfectly on the battle region.

Understand Your Skills Carefully.

The fundamental capacity we have seen so far is called Arrow Rain: It gives the strike and mischief of a total of five times against the enemy in the circuitous of the effect run. Next normal strike that was using the capacity will constantly be fundamental.

The fundamental strikes suggest that the damage will be duplicated in a brief moment. Likewise, with the right riggings from Granvilier hack, we are suspecting that you should wind up evidently determined rapidly.

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