диверсиялар үйлестіру керемет жұмбақ ойнап бастайды, ойын-сауық Disney бізге құрылды және ұзақ соңғы ол Android және IOS үшін маршрут болып табылады және ол жүктеп алу үшін рұқсат етіледі жасады.

Анна ойнауға бастау,Elsa or whatever your most loved Disney character you need, this diversion was taken from Frozen the motion picture.

Slide and match each and every riddle piece and finish the riddles with many dimensions and rivalries are sitting tight for you.

Begin Competing opening difficulties! :Popular Wars Cheats

In the Popular Wars Cheats you will confront some fun difficulties, your objective is to coordinate each and every bit of riddles together and you have a 1 move for each riddle piece so continue sliding and coordinating yet cautiously.

In the event that you coordinate in excess of three riddle pieces consecutively you will get additional gold mint pieces and open accomplishments, the gold currencies are essential in this diversion so continue gathering as much as you can on the grounds that we will clarify later the utilization of these gold coins.

Popular Wars Hack, Cheats, Tips, гид & Free Coins

Popular Wars


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