күдікті әлемде өмір сүріп malevolence бақылауды болжайды және тұрақты заттар жоқ түсіндірмелер бар екенін саған айналасында жатқан еді, жоқ ми не болып жатқанын түсіне алады, бүгінгі күні жылы планетада жатқан ерекше қаларлық кездерге.

Here comes the Spirit Agents they are the ones that can enable you to comprehend the puzzles on the planet, they have been living here in this world for significant lot and they have been getting things done through the entire history occasions!

Pick between Herera, Itachi, Kiya, Zoff, they are the most popular spirits in OTOGI set of three.

Otogi Spirit Agents Cheats has at last advanced toward the android and iOS stages.

Begin controlling the spirits!

Otogi soul specialists is furnishing you with a marvelous story line where you begin as player who has a deck contains a few types of otherworldly cards each and every card contains a story behind it and you will begin utilizing these cards to battle all through prisons and endeavor to get it out as quick as could be allowed and wreck the adversaries and tackle the issue behind it for instance there is a card that contains an image of a young lady and composed underneath her please spare her!

Сонымен қатар, you don’t realize what is happening so you will begin tapping on this card and with the assistance of the Otogy spirits you are entering a cell controlling distinctive spirits with various spells that you will have power over them and begin assaulting and searching for the young lady to safeguard her.

Another card contains an image of a kid saying I will devastate the world!!

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Destiny Child


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