Do you adore activity amusements?! I mean REAL activity, Gun strider will fulfill your yearning, Once you download it you will be dependent on it, It is Beautiful and fun amusement to play, It has not too bad designs and you won’t get exhausted effortlessly not at all like any activity diversion.

Adulterated cops are here; they are pursuing you, assault and murder your adversaries previously they do.

Every one of the regular folks in the road appeal to God for your triumph!

Weapon strider is a FPS diversion (first individual shooter) that you will appreciate playing, you will feel that you are the lattice since you can slaughter the foes quicker than you will ever envision.

The diversion was made and created by DreamMotion Inc.

It requires IOS 6.0 or higher and good with IPhone, IPod and iPod contact for Mac gadgets and obviously Android ensure you are perusing our Gun Strider Guide for Optimum Results.

Diversion Introduction!

The instructional exercise is greatly abridged and furthermore accommodating, and it covers parts of the screen.

The instructional exercise additionally demonstrates that in the base of the screen there a symbol named ability shot, when you are up against a considerable lot of the foes Skill Shot can come convenient, with expertise shot you can assault numerous adversaries on the left or the comfortable same time!

Aptitude shot can be utilized and it very well may be charged by executing the adversaries continuously.

In the event that you are dwarfed and there are excessively adversaries around you and they will nearly kill you and you need to kill these foes in the meantime, at that point it’s the ideal opportunity for utilizing Bullet time situated in the bot of the screen, You likewise utilize Gun Strider Hack to motivate coins to buy new weapons, , You start the diversion with a gun with 1 control yet you can buy the m9 with gives +3 kontrol, Bolt-19 with +3 control also and +1 Bullet Time term and The LMG-38 with gives you +2 control and +5% gold reward.

Begin Shooting With Style Using More Than a Finger!

When you execute the adversaries extra indicates will be obtained agreeing the sort of the adversary.

When you utilize slug time, time will significantly back off so you can without much of a stretch assault your adversaries, likewise triple extra focuses will be given for the killed foes.

There is such a great amount of assortment in the weapons and with every weapon comes uncommon capacity, adibidez, gold reward and miss shot cover.

There is some reward gold coins called Attendance Bonus you will get it at you play the diversion for instance the primary day you will compensated by 3000 gold coin, the second day will get 5000 gold coin and for the third day there is 10000 gold coin.

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