Straightforward Controlling Mechanism!

Presently we will discuss the amusement controls in subtle elements, to make everything clear to you and make the ongoing interaction encounter substantially simpler and smoother, at the main look of the diversion, you will end up stuck in a blue auto and the quickening agent cushion on the correct side, in the mean time the directing wheel is on the left half of the screen, so you have to remain wakeful to the quickening level, you will locate your target showed on the smaller than normal guide and this is the place you should stop the auto at, in the wake of achieving the stopping point, ensure you are going there simple, since each hit you will make with your auto, it will prompt lessening your aggregate score, and furthermore after each effective stopping you will do , you will recoup additional coins and pearls, and on the off chance that you were fortunate you may get an arbitrary blessing that could be an auto, or an upgradeable auto parts, yet at the same time you can disregard all the mission compensates by utilizing the Tsuki cheats and produce the required diamonds to buy whatever you need.

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