म नाथन गर्न आभारी छु, नेतृत्व गर्न सिकाउनुहोस्, टिचर वेतन परियोजना, and other people who have pushed for our country’s educators. हाम्रो understudies सबै भन्दा राम्रो प्रशिक्षकहरु पाउन योग्यका हामी तालिका ल्याउन, and the enlistment and maintenance of awesome educators should be organized inside the financial plans of schools and locale all over. In the event that 3.2 million instructors the nation over were to advocate that we pay educators what we trust our understudies are worth, who could oppose this idea?

Devin started his showing vocation as an English educator in Querétaro, México. Before joining The Teacher Salary Project group in 2009, Devin interned with both 826 Valencia and 826 National. He presently lives in Sacramento, CA where he fills in as the Director of Curriculum and English Department Chair at Cristo Rey High School, Sacramento. He moved on from California State University, Chico with degrees in Music and Religious Studies.

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