Guarantee Sartosa at any cost and plan to collect all the fundamental powers to hold up an amazingly solid shielding line and use the Raiders Quest traps to see just accomplishment in your voyage.

Looters Quest was made and conveyed by “Alkemis Games” association and they have made it open for the customers to download it through the Android and IOS stores.

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Guarantee that your web affiliation is dynamic and unfaltering however much as could sensibly be relied upon to have the ability to download the latest beguilement reports and coordinators anticipated that would start the preoccupation and it will in like manner require the relationship with engage a huge part of the features.

Many years earlier, a disagreeable issue called the Void assaulted put that is known for Satosa, changing its family into repulsive, unfeeling animals… as dread got a handle on hard; the area’s to a great degree nearness was undermined. By then, a social event of extraordinary explorers found that the torment was created by a foul chemist, objective on passing on lack of definition to the area. They tailed him to his haven some place down on the planet’s end mountains and after a terrible fight, they finally triumphed over the shrewdness.


In any case, the legends’ triumph was far from wrap up. For in their preview of triumph, the chemist’s soul exploded into a thousand shards. They scattered all through the land, ceasing in the shadows. Holding up until the point that the time was proper for the mystical performer to declare his revenge. The surviving holy people confined the general public of hoodlums to shield Sartosa from consistently being overpowered in the shadowiness yet again.

This is the essential inspiration driving the Raiders Questguide; it was made to empower you to keep the city you to love living in a peaceful congruity.



The Return of the Void!

Following a long time of peace the void has made sense of how to find his way back and returned with a tremendous furnished power and arranged to discharge phantom and irateness in regards to everything.

The association needs new holy people. Is it exact to state that you are conquered enough to answer the call? That is the thing that we will learn on the accompanying parts. However,let us not disregard the essentialness of Raiders Quest traps and how it will impact the gameplay as a rule.

Four Heroes Available.

There are a couple of holy people to investigate and each one is going with his own specific intriguing upsides and drawbacks, so picking a legend to start the voyage with is considereda sort of a bother.

Following the game plan of Raiders Quest tips we are providing for you should help you to be totally aware of the holy person’s composes.

Tyran the Pyro battler: high ambush and quality levels are on its most lifted however the supporting levels are basically low. He is a vagrant bound to a presence of fight. Tyran has crushed suffering and substantiated himself a solid, respectable and talented warrior. Skilled with front line and his youth.

Survey Option Is Available.

Bonney the Young Gun: raised to an encompassing life, boney lost her family in the dairy steers crow wars and ended up doing combating from an energetic age on what may wind up being the losing side. She is the most grounded holy person in the terms of ambush however the slightest too on the supporting side.

There is a contrasting option to survey the holy people beforehand lifting them up; this will enable you to have a smart and little test over them.

Last Words.

Lucy the lithium bloom: regardless of her fragile appearance, Lucy is an exceptional contender, both dedicated and guarded. Following the destruction of her people, she raised six kin. She has to a great degree balanced powers; she isn’t striking in any term however strong in each one of them.

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