A very addictive game, as you will be living the life of Linda brown. You will walk through several situations but they will all be based over a romantic part. So enjoy the life of a famous singer that is being chased down by many men.

Reveal the secrets and access the locked features by using our Linda Brown Interactive Story cheats for free.

Linda Brown Interactive Story was created and released by “The Other Guys “and it is available to be downloaded and played on any အန်းဒရွိုက် သို့မဟုတ် IOS ကို platform.

The minimum requirements to get the game running smoothly are very low. So you do not have to worry much about the graphics quality and whether your device is going to get the game going or not.

Starting Scenes with General Instructions.

“What the hell are you doing here? why are you following me? , these were the starting scenes of the game. as you will see a small conversation going between and a foreigner. As the conversation gets deeper by taping on any part of the screen to jump from one quote to another. You will realize that the guy chasing you down is called Kevin. And he is trying to apologize to you for something he has done.

As we progress further in the Linda Brown Interactive Story guide, you will realize eventually all the necessary information about your ex-Boyfriend Kevin and what was the reason behind your break up.

But at this moment, you have to take a decision that will result in many changes of your future plans later on. the game is giving you the option to choose between. Either strongly reject him or softly reject him and head directly into your plane to catch.

This is something we cannot help you out with, but if you are planning to follow the exact path of our Linda Brown Interactive Story tips. Then we would advise you against strongly rejecting him.

The Knight in The Shining Armor.

Something has happened out of nowhere. Bruno has appeared a muscular gentle man with 2 body guards. He will attempt to protect you from the incoming grab of Kevin. And that is when a quick notification will drop at the top right corner to show you that Kevin will notice how Bruno has protected you.

Bruno will ask threaten Kevin of getting beaten up if he doesn’t leave. But with promises of coming back for you both as this is not over yet for Kevin.

The handsome Bruno approaches you nicely with a very cool smile on his face. But you will be totally lost in words due to how generous and handsome he is. but that is another time for you to take the right call.

Bruno will offer you his help, so you have to either thank him for the help and take it or simply say that you can handle yourself by yourself and there is no need from him to interfere with you. Bruno will always remember that you have appreciated his help. So consider taking the option of thanking him for help.

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Hurry Up to Catch the Plane!

You should text Cynthia to let her know that you are on your way to her. That is when the game has surprised us with this brand new feature. You are simply taking full control over the smartphone and going through all of its feature that you would actually find in the real life.

This is a perfect simulation to the real world. Even the reactions and the expected speeches with the other characters, are totally well scripted.

As you speak with Cynthia over Kevin and you start the chitchat. There will be a small cinematic video of the airplane skipping out all the travelling period to put you right in front of your friend at the day light.

A heated welcome is expected from your friend, as it seems you didn’t see each other for a very long time already. The days are going to look all good same as the old college days. As you will be living in this fancy house but with more advanced features. specially the ability to use Linda Brown Interactive Story cheats at any time.

Prepare Yourself for The Wedding!

Everyone in New York has been talking about you and how great you are at singing. I guess you are already becoming a star in a very short period of time. So you have to choose between starting to sing right now or just refuse the proposal from your friend and give her an excuse that you are not ready to sing right now.

Meet Druse, he is the housekeeper, best friend of Cynthia and confidant. And also the one putting together all the details for the wedding so far.

Druse will ask you to stay longer after the wedding, as the house will be empty due to the honeymoon of Cynthia. So you should choose either to leave all the options available or agree to his request. We are at the Linda Brown Interactive Story cheats; we are recommending you to turn the offer down as fast as possible.

Using our Linda Brown Interactive Story hack, will give you the right to know all about the Kevin’s story but you can only do it with the Linda Brown Interactive Story hack, there is no other way to know it. Due to the high cost of jewels.

Kevin’s Secret!

It all started back in New York a couple days ago…you were getting ready to go out for some cool night, and you were ready waiting for him to get ready. Your main concern at this point was only getting to the dinner at the right moment.

Whilst Kevin was showering, his phone started to ring. The first thought came up to your mind was the restaurant calling to ask if you were already close or not. So you pick up the phone to let them know that you are almost there, but that is when the big surprises happen!

He has been cheating on you with Stephanie. And they are going to have a meeting up tomorrow at her place. But it seems that is not his first time of cheating. Once a cheater always a cheater. And do not forget the Linda Brown Interactive Story hack in your journey.

This was the full story behind the Kevin fight, so you should now take into consideration the great ability of Linda Brown Interactive Story hack and how it will be helping you out with every paid feature inside the game.

Opening up the raft to find a very decent gift and there will be a note written to guide you to pick up the necklace. It is a very expensive one, so whoever bought it, must have cost a fortune.

At the end of each chapter, there will be a summary conduct about the decision that you have made so far. and you may feel free to rate the episode.

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