Make your own character that will stroll through the universe of the renowned Soy Luna. Meet new individuals, make connections and pick your own way by picking the correct choices up until this point, and for better basic leadership framework, utilize the Soy LunaYour Story cheats for nothing.

soy Luna – Your Story was made and distributed byLincun S.A.organization and it is accessible to be played on any Android ຫຼື IOS stage uninhibitedly.


Here is the most recent news! The new trade understudy is beginning today. ໃນ​ກໍ​ລະ​ນີ​ໃດ​ກໍ​ຕາມ, this is not going to wind up plainly your primary worry as we will be moving appropriate to the character creation stage. In the character creation process, you will understand that you are just taking the full control over the recently made character, we are talking about the face shape, shading, nose width, eyes shading, glasses or no classes and a few things. The diversion is giving you the entire control over the customization framework.

Keep in mind that you can change the character later on, so don’t freeze on the off chance that you are not completely happy with the present setup. ນອກຈາກນີ້, once you are finished with the determinations push on the prepared catch, yet we have neglected to say that you can simply utilize the screenshot highlight, it will enable you to catch anything amid the gameplay period and offer this photo to your Facebook record or anything comparative, we can essentially talk about this part with more points of interest later on our Soy LunaYour Story control.

To begin with Day at The Blake.

The same as any story based diversion, the amusement occasions are moderate, however we will attempt to give you a fast investigate the characters in the opening scenes. You are playing as another trade understudy, you are extremely nice looking and humble. Set yourself up to meet another destiny holding up in front of you in this new school.

Nina will be the main individual you will be meeting. She will end up being your cohort. ວ່າມີຫຍັງແດ່ຫຼາຍ, she will offer you the chance to show you a few subjects to improve review.



A Very Realistic Game.

This is an extremely practical diversion, so your words and choices will basically choose your destiny and shape out another way for your connection with different people and perhaps with your own profession, that is the reason you need to take after all the given Soy LunaYour Story tips precisely, as this will end up being your optimal decision in the up and coming fragments.

Meet New People.

Pick between enjoying her Facebook post or not, this is such a disappointing choice. As though you have chosen to like it, at that point she will get substantially more OK with you and this should fortify up the connection amongst you and her. ເມື່ອເປັນເຊັ່ນນັ້ນອາດຈະ, for the situation you didn’t… at that point this implies a less association amongst you and her.

The choice is coming in a few structures. There are some extraordinary choices which are really going to give you another experience and basically could change as long as you can remember. ເມື່ອເປັນເຊັ່ນນັ້ນອາດຈະ, they are not wanting free, you can utilize the Soy LunaYour Story cheats as a beginning tip to them uncommon choice bundle.


Sit tight for Luna utilizing the uncommon thing, and as we have specified before that you should either pay with your charge card or utilizing the Soy LunaYour Story hack for nothing so as to get them extraordinary choices, and that is applying on sitting tight for Luna to accompany the shock.

We would suggest this amusement just for the enthusiasts of the story based recreations, or on the off chance that you have delighted in viewing the truth demonstrates so visit. Since this is a correct recreation for the genuine living, keep in mind the Soy LunaYour Story hack benefit at any cost, on the off chance that you have chosen to play the amusement.

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