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Becoming the real lord of your own new land, take charge of every small piece that lays legs within your territory borders, start upgrading and expanding your own kingdom using the materials which are given to you, but the one thing you should never forget about which is the army and how strong it must as the threats and risks will keep on increasing as you progress further in the game career mode, remember to get used to the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats and make it your first solution for fixing any problem you have encountered.

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom was created and published via “ B.V.” company and it is available to be downloaded on the IOS or Android platforms completely free of charges.

Save The KING and His Daughter!

Something weird has happened at the opening scenes!

the Abyss lord has captured the royal castle and the king with his own daughter which is going to be your bride as well are help as hostages and someone needs to free them up.

so prepare yourself to free them as possible and this could be possibly only done through attacking the castle walls and taking them down to be able to breach inside, keep reading more solutions for this situation in our Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom guide and there will be even more related important tricks as well to give you a boost ahead of anyone else competing with you.

The first combat ever is between your own squad and the Abyssal Warriors, on the left side of the screen lays your squad and the other hand is Abyssal each one has a certain number of health points and once they are done this means that he will drop dead eventually so make sure that will be him not you!

using the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats is considered to be an active solution at these situations as it will be allowing you to purchase the latest and strongest gears in the market so in other words your defense system and attack will be at their maximum potential compared to the enemies you are battling.

Learn How to Use Your Special Skills Carefully.

There are special skills and abilities which could be activated anytime you wish but they must be used with caution and putting into consideration many other factors, the image behind the usage of special skills will be cleared out once we start describing the effectiveness of each skills later on here and we will be also letting you get Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom tips related to the strongest and weakest and which one would suit certain situations and so on.

and now you need to fortify the castle for the battles to come, first build a mess hall so the residents would be having enough food and would remain alive when you go under sieges or such things.

Activate Plan B Immediately!

And now as you have defeated out the dragon, the time has come to progress and enter the castle to retrieve the king and his dither! but something weird has just happened… there was a forbidden spell casted Upton the castle gates which caused your army to vanish completely and there are no signs of an army at all, and he is threatening now that the abyss lord is going to kill everyone in the kingdom and will be also marrying out the beautiful princess.

But here shines Donald the Glorious knight whom is going to help you out with saving the bride and the king as well, so at first make sure you are gathering an army and raising it from the bottom to the top by repairing out the barracks and make sure that you are using the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats to be able to afford the payment for the upcoming soldiers from these actions.

Start Constructing Your Army Right from The Bottom.

Construction as a process will be taking time but that is something we do not have at the moment so let’s use the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom hack and speed up the things to get the fastest results in no time and get the king back safely, and remember that once you being upgrading the rom all the actions being performed by the residents will be interrupted until the upgrading process is done, and also one more thing which is knowing what is the mission of each room at the kingdom since this room which are stay at right now was designed especially for recurring battle squad member sand to launch attacks or even defend the castle from the outside dangers and threats.

The game has included the achievements system which works as a motivator for you as a player to keep progressing and completing task after task since you will be knowing for sure that there is a reward waiting for you to be claimed out.

Increase Your Army Size and Powers Using the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Hack!

And now once the barracks is ready to go let’s begin training new warriors and add them to our great army but that is not the whole story as you are required to get decent arms for your soldiers and this could be simply done with using the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom hack and produce enough amount of materials that could be covering your entire army with the necessary weapons and armors.

Right now you should be known exactly the weapons types and how will they affect the strength and power of your own army, the Bows are designed especially for the archers and they will be giving you the opportunity of having a ranged damage dealers without having to get so close to your opponent and start receiving un necessary damage, and also if you take a deep look at the warrior states you could be noticing the power rating on the top left corner followed up by the overall power rating system that works by giving the warrior certain number of stars out of 5 based upon the items used and the level of the warrior as well.

Check For The Collected Items Right In Your Warehouse.

Keep checking on your warehouse for the latest available gears which could be used to upgrade and improve your army as a whole, each battle you will be going through or a completed quest will simply result in giving you decent rewards in return and they are moved automatically right into your own warehouse.

Keeping your hands over the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats is considered to be a smart move as the challenge and the road to rescue the king is paved with danger so with the right amount of materials and coins you will be able to have supreme powers to get through the hardest parts.

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