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This is a technique amusement, זה נעשה ומופץ על ידי “SNK CORPORATION” ההסטה שוחררה על 15 מרץ, 2017.

בגין הורדת השעשועים שלך IOS ו דְמוּי אָדָם gadgets with a specific end goal to spare the world from the up and coming assault, lastly utilize the METAL SLUG ATTACK tricks to get a considerable measure of awards to utilize them on the diverse overhauls.

Take in The Basics of Game Control To Dominate Your Enemies!

Tap a symbol underneath and that unit goes on the assault! בכל מקרה, you require AP appeared underneath to begin a unit hang on until AP develop! Time for a unit fight! Tab a symbol underneath! The unit fight will naturally assault foes and bases, set aside AP and go into all out attack mode!

Tap a unit when it gleams blue, fire a SPEC ATK! Spec ATK variable by unit, comprehend and utilize their capacities to combat zone conditions.

There are POWs covered up in each stage, dispatch an assault and spare he POWs! Tap the lower left symbol to expand AP building speed! Your most extreme AP will likewise build, giving you an edge in fight!

Tap the lower right catch and a tank will charge the adversary! It will detonate on effect! So at long last make a point to peruse our METAL SLUG ATTACK tips to see how to play the diversion well.

Enter Your Name And Start Your Epic Journey To Clear The World From The Enemies!

After the instructional exercise and the nuts and bolts of the diversion, you should enter the name you will play the amusement with, and before continuing for more subtle elements ensure you read our METAL SLUG ATTACK direct and the data we will give you to figure out how to pulverize your adversaries, in the wake of picking your name you can simply pick the trouble of the diversion, so in the event that you are a learner you can begin with the simple mode then you increment the trouble level at whatever point you need, so begin endeavoring to win in the distinctive challenges of the amusement.

Redo Your Character To Look Stylish In The Game!

Presently its opportunity to enhance your units aptitudes, there are a considerable measure of things you can discover through your trip and in each level, these things can be prepared on your units to actuate their uncommon aptitudes and capacities to utilize them on taking out your foes, you can likewise discover things that will assist your modify your character to look up-to-date in the diversion and to spread dread by you look in your adversaries, there are additionally another things that will help you increment your levels and that equivalents to more HP and more harm to your foes, and keep in mind to get some additional assistance by utilizing the METAL SLUG ATTACK tricks that will furnish you with a great deal of decorations to be utilized on the distinctive elements of the amusement.

Challenge Online Players And Prove You Are The Best!

This is the most charming some portion of the diversion, you can simply collaborate with another 4 online players that are playing the amusement from everywhere throughout the world, and combine to battle against another group, in the overall mode you can simply play versus solid and shrewd players, so begin overcoming all to wind up plainly the best player of the amusement.

Acquire The METAL SLUG ATTACK Hack To Unlock New Features!

In the event that you are coming up short on awards that will help you advance simpler in the diversion, on the off chance that you can’t update the distinctive units you are controlling, on the off chance that you can’t alter your character to look rich in the war zone, on the off chance that you would you be able to can’t continue more in the story level since its getting harder, you can simply get the assistance from utilizing the METAL SLUG ATTACK hack that will furnish you with every one of the decorations you will need to advance less demanding in the amusement.

כל הסקירות והתוכן שלנו נבדקו ונכתבו על ידי פארק משחקים פוֹרוּם, הנה הפוסט העיקרי בגידות Metal Slug התקפה, גַרזֶן, מדריך וטיפים.

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