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זוהי הסחת פעילות, זה נעשה ומופץ על ידי “Indio Gaming PTE LTD” השעשוע שוחרר על 21 מרץ, 2017.

בגין הורדת סח IOS שלך דְמוּי אָדָם gadgets and look for opportunity with your companions lastly try to get the assistance from utilizing the Agent Aliens tricks to get an innumerable measure of coins.

Assemble With Your Aliens To Break Free From Captivity!

This is an ideal opportunity to scan for your flexibility, this is an ideal opportunity to escape from bondage, look for all the adjacent outsiders and help each other escape from this prison, your objective is superbly utilize the bouncing, pointing and shooting choices to survive and to wind up plainly at long last free, lastly try to peruse our Agent Aliens tips we will specify in the following titles to comprehend the diversion before you even begin it, so begin your voyage to shoot every one of you foes to look for reprisal and to end up noticeably free once more.

Take after The Tutorial And Learn How To Fight Your Enemies!

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to figure out how to play with your operator, simply take after the instructional exercise in addition to perusing our Agent Aliens manage you are going to totally take in the diversion controls, the primary lesson is whether you need to move you can utilize the left and light bolts to move, and in the event that you have to hop you can tap the correct portion of the screen to bounce, hold it to skim at somewhat higher, on the off chance that you need to twofold hop you can tap the correct portion of the screen while noticeable all around to twofold hop, move towards the divider while hopping to remain nearby to it, and make a point to approach the researchers to make them drop their coins! Utilize coins to pick up redesigns and open components.

Gather All The Coins You Are Going To Find To Upgrade Your Characters!

Continue moving towards the divider to moderate your OK, discharge the catches to fall, when against a divider hop to vault up corner to corner, you can divider bounce instantly, subsequent to arriving on a divider.

Go to cases to protect detained outsiders, they will take after and battle wth you for whatever is left of the diversion, battle is programmed simply confront the adversary and move inside range to begin assaulting, and try to get dropped things to pick up moves up to wind up plainly more grounded and top notch, lastly try to peruse our Agent Aliens tricks to get a ton of coins to help you apply more redesigns on your characters.

Open The Different Characters And Seek For Freedom Together!

There are a great deal of characters to be open in this amusement, הדמויות הללו הן:

1-Ehdi: the outsider’s last any desire for survival, known about their high keenness and authority abilities, has penetrated and turned into the mascot of a diversion improvement organization called Indigo Entertainment, his weapons are the Bio safeguard and Anti gravity sphere.

2-Raffa: closest companion of Ehdi with a trendency to spit a considerable measure, hates physical effort and just uses his claws for preparing purposes, dependent ti disco and dubstep, and his weapons are Super warmed Glob and Projector.

3-Queen Bey: polished hive ruler fashionista who adored Saturn so much, she put a ring on it, known to be an effortless and savage warrior, cherishes drinking lemonade, and her eapons are Explosive Peer and Pressure.

מה עוד, a great deal of characters to be opened so buckle down on opening them to pick up flexibility.

Acquire The Agent Aliens Hack To Unlock New FEAtures!

On the off chance that you are coming up short on coins, on the off chance that you can’t open the characters that has diverse details and distinctive capacities and weapons, in the event that you can’t update your weapons to end up noticeably more grounded and magnificent, you can simply get the assistance from utilizing the Agent Aliens hack to furnish you with every one of the coins you will need to do overhaul each and every weapon you have.

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