The Creators Update is apparently as good as ready: For Insider, Microsoft has released the new version of Windows with build number 15055 – and probably also reveal when the big Creators Update appears. At the latest at the beginning of April the update should be published. You will find the latest updates in the video.

Windows 10 Creators Update: Release probably already soon

The major Creators Update for Windows 10 is approaching: In March or at the beginning of April, Microsoft will publish the update. This has been more than likely and has now been indirectly confirmed by Microsoft. Because in the current pre-release version of Windows 10 the new version number of the operating system emerges for the first time: 1703.

According to this scheme, Microsoft also numbered the individual versions of Windows 10 in the past: The first version of Windows 10 appeared in July 2015 and therefore had the version number 1507. This was followed by the November update with the version number 1511 and in August of next year – with a few days delay – the Anniversary Update with the number 1607.

Windows 10 1703: Creators update still in March?

The now released version number 1703 thus indicates that the next major update for Windows 10 will be released towards the end of March or early April. A release date officially announced by Microsoft, but there is not yet. If you participate in the Windows Insider Program , you can even test new versions of Windows before the official release.


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