Bargains, Discounts, Percentages, Deals or Promises: There are many names for cheap deals. The best way to keep an overview in the bargain jungle is with us. On March 18, we have the original Pebble Smartwatch for Android and iOS at the top price of only 44.90 Euro at Rakuten.

For us meansbargainrathercheapand notcheap”. Cheap technology, which either does not function properly, is much too fast or looks horribly windy, there is sand like the seaas a bargain tip of the CHIP editorial department, you will never see such products. So what makes a real bargain? The answer in one sentence: High quality technology at the best price at a trustworthy dealer. On this basis we are looking for the Preishits for you.

That’s why the Pebble Smart Watch is a bargain:

  • Good wearing comfort and great processing of the watch
  • Many features and very high battery life
  • For iOS and Android: Short time only 44.90 euro
Good to know: Clicking on the button below leads you directly to the shop with the bargain offer.


Problems with display? Here are the bargains

Do not be fooled: the best bargains and promotions are not just for special promotions. Even after Cyberweek and Co., strong technology products at the top price are just waiting to be bought by you. With our bargain recommendations, you are always sure that you will not pay a cent too much, but always get the best offer.

What can I find in bargain hunting?
The CHIP editors go to you every day for the best price of the day. Not only is the price decisivethe product offered must also meet the high expectations of our editors. We will never be a bargain. What is in the treasure chest, We can not say in advance because prices change and we knit our recommendations with the hot deal needle. This is the only way to make sure that every Preishit will do justice to the name. Here is another tip: Do not wait too long for the purchase, because good offers can be very quickly out of print.


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