Cash is available around the clock at the ATM. But without plastic card like girocard or credit card does not work in Germany. More security is to be provided by ATMs that work without cards. Smartphones are used.

Cash machines provide cash around the clock. Needed are however card and PIN, so in Germany either Girokarte or credit card. This could change soon, because in some countries there are already ATMs that work without a card. Especially American banks have advanced in the past months withCardless ATMs”, to withdraw money then smartphone and a suitable app.

Different ways to take off without a card

Tyvärr, as with many things in the financial world, there is not a single standard, which everyone is concerned about when it comes to money on the vending machine without a girocard. Almost every bank is cooking their own soup and wants to get customers to install their own banking apps. If you are looking for a cash machine that supports the withdrawal without a card, that is not all, and then you select the amount you want to withdraw from the app. Depending on the bank, either a one-time code is output, which is entered at the vending machine or the PIN for the girocard is entered. These are the simplest games on the machine without a card, because the devices do not need any special hardware, they just have to accept the PIN codes, which can be taught to them by firmware update.

Cash withdraw by NFC

Some banks, such as the Bank of America, also use NFC technology and establish a connection between the cash machine and the smartphone. This only works when the radio technology is installed in the machine, so it requires a retooling of the ATMs. On the smartphone you need of course the appropriate app, usually a wallet, an app in the customer register their plastic card. The Wallet can also be used to store several cards. To pick up, select the card in the app and confirm by PIN code at the machine.

Taking off with Apple Pay & Co.

Another type of support is the support of existing mobile payment standards. In addition to the apps of banks, customers can also use Apple Pay on some ATMs. Android Pay, Samsung Pay or Microsoft Pay Money. This is much more customer-friendly, because the apps of the banks usually only work with the bank’s own ATMs, but Apple Pay & Co. work across the board at the machine. Another advantage: With TouchID & Co., these apps are also well protected.

More security and new gaps

The banks sell the lift without a card as a gain for comfort and security. There is certainly what turn, who forget the Girokarte, thanks to smartphone in the pocket then cash can withdraw. With biometrics these transactions are much safer, the copying of girocard and PIN input over skimming no longer works. Thieves then have to exert themselves more, which they probably already do. So there are already first cases of theft on clients of JPMorgan Chase. This bank generates one-time codes, which you have to enter at the machine, and then spit out a certain amount of cash. Unauthorized users had apparently gained access to online accounts from customers and simply registered new mobile devices.


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