The US manufacturer Nonda has launched a car charger, which can charge two devices at the same time with 2.4A.

The ZUS Car Charger is a high-quality car charger which is made according to the manufacturer’s standards of durable material according to military standard. But the really special are the two USB ports: Above, the device can charge two devices simultaneously with each 2.4A. This allows, for example, two large tablets to be charged simultaneously with full current.
The twist-proof USB ports are also a great idea. These allow you to insert the plug in both directions – perfect for the car , where you do not want to spend time with the fiddling of USB devices while driving. In order to find the ports faster in the dark, both are also illuminated with a small LED.
The Smart Car Finder app can also display status information about the car battery. In addition, the app remembers the location of the parked car and warns the owner at the end of the parking meter.
The stylish charger is for example at Amazon for almost 40 euros .


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