He is known as “Big Bang-teorin”: Sheldon’s laundry crease. Is the part really as practical, as the serial nerd always says? We do the test.

Nearly square, praktisk, Bra

De “Clothes Folderor simplyLaunderworks quite simply: put the T-Shirt on the fold-up board, make four folds and you have your Fantastic Four or Doctor Who shirt in a handy flat rectangle. This is especially handy if you have several dozen fanboy accessories that are space saving and straight in the cupboard store.

The gadget costs five to ten euros , so is not really expensive. Some weaknesses have it nevertheless: Thick pullovers you with the board treatment hardly carefully together. Oversized garments are also folded very long. And our orderly launder is already visible on the folding edgesevery fold could be the last.


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