Many use it daily and for hours: WhatsApp. The mobile messenger is extremely popular. We have looked at what rates you can chat particularly favorably about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp tariffs: These are the candidates

In our selection of the best WhatsApp rates, we will find the lowest prices for WhatsApp-Junkies. WhatsApp tariffs are also available to send mobile WhatsApp messages while you are on the road. In contrast to conventional mobile phone rates where WhatsApp also works, our selected tariffs are extreme cost-savers. Are you also recommendable?
The three WhatsApp tariffs in the overview:
  • WhatsApp SIM
  • Congstar prepaid with messaging option
  • ChatSIM

WhatsApp SIM: Basic Rate with Free WhatsApp

The WhatsApp SIM is based on the classic 9 cent model, so it costs 9 cents per call minute or sent SMS. The tariff is implemented in the O2 / Telefonica network. However, Telefonica does not charge any fees for the use of WhatsApp . Horse’s feet: The Internet speed is not “high speed”. In concrete terms, it means that you are permanently throttled to 32 Kbit / s screw speed when surfing . This tariff level is also not suitable for occasional internet surfing, but really only for WhatsApp and other very data-saving messaging activities.
Note : You will incur a one-off cost of 10 Euros when ordering the WhatsApp SIM
. The WhatsAll 1000 tariff is automatically set. You have to switch to the basic tariff if you only want to use WhatsApp. Otherwise, with WhatsApp you get 1,000 units (telephony minutes, SMS, MByte fast LTE Internet) for subscription in the month.

More than WhatsApp: Congstar prepaid with messaging option

Congstar is the discount brand of the Telekom and therefore funkt also in the D-network of the Telekom , can not however the LTE frequencies use. Congstar also has a tariff option specifically tailored to messaging users . In the Congstar prepaid tariff , you can turn all controls (telephony, SMS, Internet) completely down and then charge at a 0 euro tariff. The interesting thing: Congstar allows you to book a messaging option , which allows text messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Threema. The option includes 1 GB of data volume with slow 32 Kbps for 0 € per month.
In contrast to the WhatsApp-SIM, additional chat messengers are allowed here.
: The one-off provision price is 9.99 euros – currently with 5 euros start and 5 euros additional credits. This way you can also make phone calls and SMS for 9 cents or buy a daily pass for surfing.

ChatSIM: Messaging via WhatsApp & Co. for Weltenbummler

The provider ChatSIM pushes messaging to the top. For only € 12 running costs per year (+ one-time availability), you can send as many text messages and emojis via WhatsApp and many other messengers as you want. Supported are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, QQ International, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, BBM, Hike and Cocoa. The special feature of the tariff is that it operates in over 150 countries worldwide without any additional costs. ChatSIM works with many established mobile telephony providers. If you want to send more than just text messages, you can book multimedia packages.
Note : ChatSIM is currently ordered best at Amazon – here as with the offerer itself, 12 euros cost of delivery and the fee for charge text us Emojis for a year of 12 euros – but you pay via Amazon no shipping costs .


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