“This phone will have only one button. Find out how! “As early as the development of the first iPhones, Steve Jobs had clear ideas about how a smartphone should look. Today, nobody wants to miss the practical universal device. Whether iPhone, Samsung or Sony – the smartphone is always there. If you use it only for chatting, telephoning and games, something has missed. Because it is not only in the leisure time it does good service – but also when working. For small business owners, there are numerous apps that make their lives easier. The most important 5 are presented here.

1. Todoist: Mobile To-Do list for quick overview

Todoist offers a simple user interface to capture upcoming tasks. This app is available for iOS and Android devices. Practical: You can pack the registered tasks into categories – for example, according to customers or projects, or separate them according to the individual and the professional. You can also see at a glance what is happening today or within the next 7 days. Push notifications make sure you do not forget anything important. And best of all, the Windows Exlorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Outlook can easily synchronize the entries with tablets, laptops or stationary computers.

2. Toggl: Time recording in the cloud

How long do you need for your individual projects? How much time does a particular job take? You do not only need to know this when you bill your services according to time. This also makes post-calculation much easier. A simple and convincing solution is the free app Toggl WorkTimeTracker. Since it works cloud-based, a registration or login is at the beginning. You enter a project, and the stopwatch runs as long as you work on it. Or enter the required time manually. Practical and clear are the evaluations that the app provides to you; Whether on a daily or monthly basis: You can display in a graphic which project took the time.

3. Dragon Dictation: Important simple dictation

Are you on the road or have you had enough time sitting in front of your computer for hours? Then just dictate your e-mails, ideas and memos. The Dragon Dictation speech recognition app makes it easy for you, it also runs on iOS and Android. The whole thing works as simple as a dictation machine: you press on the recording button and dictate. But unlike a dictation machine, typing is no longer required: the system converts the recorded image into written text. This works amazingly well when the software has only got used to the sound of your voice (it takes a few minutes). And the transfer of the text into e-mails or documents is a children’s game. In the basic version , Dragon Dictation is free. If you want to dictate longer texts, Should upgrade to the paid version of Dragon Anywhere, which is available for 12 ?? Per month and 127 ?? Per year is not a bargain.

4. Design Fee Fee Calculator: Hourly rate calculation made easy

Above all, creative freelancers value what Designfee fee calculator for iOS and Android for the total price of 1.99 ?? Offers: a simple calculation on an hourly basis. Especially those who do not have an overview of the usual hourly rates in a sector will get valuable help here. An area can be selected for each calculation, for example for the design “bottle label”, “business card” or “flyer”. The special feature of this app is that it has stored the usual hourly rates for typical design projects – and also for usage rights. The app gives a price range. You do not have to hold on to them – but they always serve the better orientation. A solid offer can be created in this way fast-speed.

5. Lexoffice Scan: Scan documents easily on the go

Hand on heart: Are you an accounting pea counter? Or a documentary junkie that has receipts and paid bills never ready when he needs them? Whatever applies to you: Forget a clean filing in the carefully labeled document folder. And also forget the formerly popular storage box in the shoe box, in which, over the course of time, a true note-book chaos spreads. Because there is something much better: The free app Lexoffice Scan . This allows you to easily photocopy your documents and archive them in the Lexoffice Cloud archive. This way you will not forget anything that lowers your tax load.
Conclusion : The smartphone is not only in the leisure time a real profit, but also in your company. It makes work easier and saves you a lot of headaches.


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