The flop of the past Nintendo console Wii U helped the Japanese game company to think small. However, the successor switch now seems to sell so well that the original production plans were far too timid.

Nintendo wants to double, according to a newspaper report, the production of its new game console Nintendo switch compared to previous plans. In the coming business year from April, at least 16 million devices are to be built, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing informed persons. In the original plan eight million were planned.
The switch console, released in early March, can be used both on the road and on the home TV. It is the great hope for Nintendo, after the previous model Wii U sold itself badly and for high losses worried. The traditional game company also makes the competition cheaper to create free games for smartphones and tablets. Recently, Nintendo introduced Super Mario, for the first time, one of his popular game characters into a smartphone game.

Switch is supposed to direct the Wii-U-Flop

Nintendo wants to connect with the switch to the tradition of its mobile gaming devices and also to the great success of the Wii console ten years ago. The controllers for the control can be connected to the display as well as separately. They have both motion sensors as with the Wii.
With the Wii U, which was launched in the autumn of 2012, Nintendo released the first Christmas business of just over three million consoles, but then sales declined. Until recently, a total of less than 14 million Wii-U consoles were sold. The benchmark currently sets Sony with the Playstation 4 launched in 2013, which has been purchased more than 50 million times.


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