Their striking exclamation “Ah, oh!” Knows almost every child and also many an adult. From April, the Teletubbies return with 60 new episodes.

Kika brings back Teletubbies

The Teletubbies will be back soon : Kika will be showing 60 new episodes of the popular children’s series daily from April 10 at 6:40 pm. With the famous exclamation “Ah, oh!” Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po with their strange antennae on their heads kidnap the children once again into their fantasies. The new episodes have already been running in Great Britain since 2015 and are now coming to Germany. The original series ran in Great Britain
between 1997 and 2001 and in Germany since 1999.
The continuation remains true to the tradition and looks only minimally different, since animations are now also applied. The image quality is significantly better due to the HD shooting. The Teletubbies themselves are as you know them: they sing, jump and dance.

First year of Kika: “Baumhaus”

Kika also announced that it would also offer adult programs in the future . From March 27th, the talk show “Baumhaus” will start and will be broadcasted at 9:15 pm. The program has been specially designed for the now grown-up people and will only run through Kika’s Facebook website.


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